For e-commerce businesses, staying in touch with customers is critical. In today’s world, this communication is likely to be entirely digital. That means having a strong email marketing strategy, having the right tools, offering relevant and interactive messages to encourage engagement with your brand, boosting website traffic, and most importantly,

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  • Email marketing is an easy, cost-effective way to reach your small business’s target audience.
  • Email marketing offers a high return on investment and is straightforward way to automate your marketing efforts.
  • To get started with email marketing, choose an email marketing service provider that suits your business. Next, create a
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More online shopping means more email marketing from smaller players.

I recently asked John Orlando, CMO at email marketing platform Constant Contact parent company Endurance International Group, for his take on what’s been happening.

Paul Talbot:  The ‘Shop Local’ movement has enjoyed momentum over the past few years… how

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