Long recognized as the nation’s most hurricane-prone condition, Florida has realized a new status that is aggravating hurricane anxieties and threatening real-estate values. Florida has the worst house-insurance coverage current market. 4 Florida coverage businesses have declared individual bankruptcy given that April, and many others are canceling or not renewing […]

The Florida property insurance market is in trouble. “For the last two years, the private companies operating in Florida have had a combined negative net income of $1 billion. So, the market is fundamentally shutting down.” It’s bad for homeowners too. “Consumers are on life support right now. They are […]

ORLANDO, Fla. – When Florida lawmakers left Tallahassee a few weeks ago following the annual legislative session, they failed to address the major insurance crisis impacting homeowners across the state. Florida homeowners are seeing their premiums jump — sometimes by more than triple — or their policies are getting dropped […]