Almost one-fifth of outstanding commercial real estate debt is due to mature this year, a total of $929B in debt obligations that will require borrowers to refinance or sell properties, according to new figures from the Mortgage Bankers Association. The value of loans set to come due is up 40% from an […]

Azereth Deason owes more than $18,000 in undergraduate loans, but mounting debt was the least of her worries during the pandemic. “Those three years just felt so short,” Deason says, referencing the three-year student loan payment pause put in place during the pandemic. “I have rent to pay, I have […]

A millionaire investor being sued for defaulting on $56 million in business loans has argued that he should be off the hook — claiming that the bank knew he was using the cash to make divorce payments, buy a yacht and splash out on luxury homes. Dan Burrell, a 45-year-old […]