All You Need To Know About DDoS-Protected Dedicated Servers

Security is always a key factor when assessing domain and hosting providers. Anything from a data breach to a DDoS attack can severely decrease your website’s performance, credibility, SEO ranking, and uptime — all of which can affect your bottom line as an online business.

This is where investing in DDoS-protected dedicated servers in NZ can really help. They use both hardware and software to detect and block DDoS attacks. Read on to learn more about DDoS protected dedicated servers.

Understanding a DDoS Attack

A DDoS attack is a malicious attempt to disturb or hamper the normal functioning of a dedicated server. It is a cybercrime in which the attacker floods a server with internet traffic, making it unable to operate.

What is a DDoS Protected Dedicated Server?

A DDoS-protected dedicated server uses software and hardware to prevent DDoS attacks. It mainly has a shield on the hosting server that protects your web services and website from crashes and financial losses, and these servers are best suited for gaming and e-commerce sites.

The Role of DDoS Protection in Dedicated Server Hosting

●        Uptime Assurance

A DDoS attack functions by overpowering your server resources by flooding your website with a huge volume of traffic. This can result in a server crash leading to your website going offline. Adequate DDoS protection can help eliminate these attacks, ensuring the server remains open and operational for legitimate users.

●        Security and Data Protection

By securing a dedicated server against DDoS attacks, organisations can protect their data from data breaches and unauthorised access. This is because DDoS dedicated servers offer built-in protection against such attacks.

●        Stability in Performance

Consistent performance is the ultimate objective for any business operating online.

DDoS dedicated servers guarantee that resources are reserved for authentic users. They maintain the dedicated server’s performance stability, which is a mandate for generating seamless user experience and sustained operational efficiency.

●        Cost Savings

Investing in DDoS-protected dedicated server hosting is an efficient measure to avoid the surging costs associated with downtime, recovery and potential ransom demands.

Process of DDoS Protection

●        Prevention Techniques

Prevention is always better as it vastly reduces the chances of being targeted. One way DDoS dedicated servers prevent DDoS attacks is by using filters like:

  1. Ingress and Egress Filtering
  2. Secure Overlay Services

●        Detection Techniques

DDoS servers regularly monitor for suspicious activity. This can help prevent the spread of the DDoS attack and prevent the server from crashing. Some detection techniques used are:

  1. Anomaly Detection Methods
  2. Running a scalable network system
  3. Packet sampling and filtering techniques

●        Response to Detection

If your dedicated server is under attack, your next task should be to block the attack, trace the attacker and discover the identity. You can do this automatically or use an Access Control List (ACL).


DDoS attacks can significantly affect your website performance and can even lead to your website going offline. So, if your website hosts sensitive information and if ensuing security is a huge part of your operations as an online business, it may be time to think about investing in a DDoS dedicated server in NZ.

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