January 30, 2023


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When art becomes a business

Kelly-Ann Demers began her hobby making bows for her daughter. It became a passion.TP.jpg

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What began as a quest to provide her daughter some pretty bows for her hair has turned into a great sideline job for Kelly-Ann Demers.

KelsBels Designs is the result of the innocent look for hair decor.

“I was buying them for her often because they were so cute. I decided to try and make her some. I purchased a kit with stencils and fabric and got to work. I posted the extras (she only needed one or two bows of the same colour) and that started my obsession with making more,” said Demers.

Her foyer into making hair bows didn’t stop there. She has added bow ties, earrings and bookmarks to her collection.

“I also make custom items. People can message me to request certain colours or styles,” she said.
With two school aged children and a job as a teacher, Demers said that while she enjoys sitting down and making each item she hasn’t been devoting a lot of time to the craft.

“I used to devote much more time but COVID has put a bit of a damper on sales. I had to stop making them as I was running out of room for products. Now that I’m back In a routine and summer is over, I will have more time to devote to making new bows and earrings, plus having a few sales before Christmas,” she said.

Some of her line can be seen on Facebook/KelsBels Design or by contacting her at [email protected]

“Having a family with a local business, I realize the importance of shopping local. Especially during these more difficult times. My goal this holiday season will be to try and shop as local as possible! I’m hoping that with the upcoming weeks and the highlighted artists and crafters, I can find a way to make those purchases from our community.”

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