December 4, 2023


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Riley County renews financial management software contract | News

Riley County commissioners approved renewing a contract for financial management software.

The commission voted Thursday to renew a software services agreement with OpenGov, a technology company that offers cloud-based programming for public sector budgeting and accounting, for $138,000 over the next four years. Riley County currently uses OpenGov software; this contract extends the county’s deal with the tech company until 2025.

A starting payment of $53,870 is listed on the contract, due July 1, and is separate from the $138,000 total. That initial amount includes a prorated software fee of $7,250, and an additional pre-payment of $46,620 for deploying the system. Starting on Jan. 1, 2022, county officials will pay $34,500 on the first of each year the contract is valid. The contract term is 54 months. OpenGov serves about 1,000 government entities across the country, including the Topeka city government.

Commissioners also approved using $2,500 from the county’s special alcohol fund for the Ogden Youth Center for underage drinking prevention programs.

The alcohol tax is money collected from bars and other establishments in Riley County, and is mostly used for educational material on the dangers of alcohol abuse.

According to the meeting agenda, the balance of the county alcohol fund in April was $3,762. There was no balance listed for the months of May and June.

In other business, commissioners approved a request to combine plots of land in University Park, north of town near Tuttle Creek Lake, into one lot.

County Planner Bob Isaac presented a request from Josephine Zahner, who filed an application to replat three lots into one in order to build a garage next to her home. Isaac said the plots of land at the intersection of Bayview Circle and Rimrock Drive were platted as three separate sections in 1959.

The request did not include any rezoning measures, and no utility easements would be changed or relocated.

Earlier in the meeting, commissioners tabled a vote on beer sales and consumption at the Kaw Valley Rodeo. Alcoholic beverages would be allowed only in the rodeo arena, the same as previous years.

County officials require fair vendors who wish to sell beer to have specific insurance coverage.

Commissioners chose to wait until they had the updated insurance paperwork.