December 4, 2023


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Get Outside! 4 Outdoor Marketing Tips to Boost Business and Brand Visibility

Outdoor marketing is one of the most effective ways to raise awareness of your business and increase brand visibility. Whether you are taking full advantage of your retail space or meeting customers out at local community events, it is important to create a consistent brand identity that is eye-catching and visually appealing.

Here are 4 outdoor marketing tips to boost business and brand visibility:

1. Use window graphics and displays to boost walk-in traffic. It is often said that you miss the shots you don’t take. Having empty windows on your storefront is the marketing equivalent of not entering the game at all. People who pass by blank windows are much less likely to enter or even be able to find your business, so it is vital to add window graphics and create window displays that are designed to attract customers. You don’t have to overdo it but you should definitely dress up your windows in ways that make sense for your business.

2. Plant promotional flags and park A-frame signs outside your doors. Promo flags and A-frame signs add another dimension of brand visibility. Flags allow you to announce your presence in a colorful way, and A-frame signs are cost-effective ways of promoting items such as daily specials. Giving people a visual preview of what you have to offer increases the chances of them walking into your business.

Outdoor Marketing at Business Location (Credit: Minuteman Press International)

Outdoor Marketing at Business Location (Credit: Minuteman Press International)

3. Stand out at community events with banners, booth displays, and table throws. Local community events are perfect ways to meet potential customers who are unfamiliar with your business. Make sure you put your best foot forward by creating booth displays that are visually impressive and consistent with your brand. Just like your regular location, it is important to maximize the space you are given and give people a reason to stop and see what you have to offer.

4. Give them something to remember you by. Whether a customer is visiting your location or interacting with you at an outdoor event, you always want to make a lasting impression. Two easy ways you can do this are by handing out high-quality custom printed business cards and by giving them branded promotional items that are fun and functional. Doing both of these things will show that you are professional while also providing visual and tactile reinforcements of your brand that customers will gladly carry home with them.

Outdoor Marketing at Local Community Event (Credit: Minuteman Press International)

Outdoor Marketing at Local Community Event (Credit: Minuteman Press International)

Ultimately, outdoor marketing is a crucial way to boost your business. The more you do to appeal to passersby, the more likely they are to see you, visit you, and not pass you by.