Daniah Robertson is CFO of Sodexo. getty With technological advances reshaping life as we know it, much is being made of the future of work. Specific to finance, the process and time to generate insights normally in the domain of finance experts is transforming. Finance as a function has an […]

(To get this story in your inbox, subscribe to the TIME CO2 Leadership Report newsletter here.) Just as COP28 began two weeks ago, I wrote that one reason U.N. climate conferences matter is because of the signal they send to the private sector. In eight years, “Paris aligned” has become […]

Financial careers span traditional banking and investment, fin-tech, and working within … [+] non-financial organizations to help their businesses grow getty If you’re graduating, and launching or relaunching your career this year, you might be curious to know, What are the top paying finance jobs available for me to pursue? […]