May 16, 2021


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Florida Legislature takes aim at rising home insurance rates

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BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – Florida’s real estate market is facing sticker shock and we’re not just talking about property prices.

Homeowner insurance rates are going through the roof, led in large part by abuses in laws intended to protect homeowners.

Years after any storm has even come close to Florida, homeowners here and across the state are filing damage claims and getting entire new roofs seemingly “free” to them but at a major cost to all property owners in the Sunshine State.

“What’s happening right now, this is like the perfect storm right now,” said Mauricio Giraldo, with Horizons Insurance and Finance Services in Cooper City.

He said current law allows Florida homeowners to go back three years after a storm and make a claim of damage.

“So right now, they’re still getting claims from Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Michael,” Giraldo said.


And even if it’s just a small leak actually caused by an aging roof, attorneys and public adjusters are hitting up insurance companies for a brand new roof. In fact, data shows that 75 percent of roof claims in Florida involve an attorney.

“Insurance companies, they can write the losses but ultimately the ones paying for it are the consumer, of course,” Giraldo said.


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