September 24, 2023


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Your Options When a Personal Loan Application is Rejected

Battling and desperate to make ends meet? Taking out a personal loan can ensure you don’t have to go without something that you need. But what options do you have when your application for a loan at the bank got you nothing more than a door slammed in your face and downright rejection? If the banks won’t help you, who on earth will?

Someone willing to give you a chance 

With a payday loan, you need to do thorough research as they come with their own set of requirements according to the lender. When you get paid again, then a payday loan must be repaid.

The nice thing about these payday loans from is that when money is needed in an emergency and the banks were of no help, you’ve still got a chance with a reputable registered financial service provider such as Ontario Cash.

To apply takes just 5 minutes and the money can be in your account on the same day. To apply, you need to be 18 years of age, be working, have a bank account, and be a legal resident of Canada. Applying for a personal loan like this is so convenient when done on-line and nobody needs to know where you got your money from.

Can you repay the payday loan?

Most people these days are battling to make ends meet, but what happens when something you are not expecting comes up? Payday loans are short terms loans that can help you through a tight spot like this.

The process of payday loans involves a lender who will provide you with a short-term unsecured loan. Do your research because each of the lenders has its own set of requirements, which you must comply with.

You can’t get a loan, for instance, if you have filed for bankruptcy for instance, because how can you pay back the loan then with interest? Getting your loan approved quickly means you can attend to your emergency quickly. This can be like a life-line to you when you need to get out of a tight situation.

Nobody has to know you’ve applied

Payday loans aren’t paid out willy nilly to just anyone. You have to have a job otherwise, how are you going to pay back the loan? Therefore, some verification of employment and income will be required. Borrowers apply for the loan and payment of the loan is due in full at the borrower’s next salary date.

Things are made easy for you to borrow money these days. No more driving to the bank or to some other lender and filling in reams of documents. You simply complete the loan application on-line and documentation can be faxed to the appropriate office.

Once you have submitted all documentation, it is reviewed, and you are notified regarding your status. The loan will then be transferred by direct deposit to the account you gave.

You don’t need collateral

When you apply for unsecured loans in Ontario, Canada, they will assess your application so that they can see if you’re able to repay the loan on the basis of what they see with your salary slips as well as any other financial resources you have.

They will quite likely look at your credit score too, but with payday loans, you won’t need collateral, which is good news for you as it means your home or car won’t be taken if you can’t make payments anymore.

Unsecured loans are approved based solely on your documentation, your age and your promise to repay from your signature on the loan agreement.