December 7, 2023


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Why Is Financial Management So Important In Business?

Financial management is one of the
most critical aspects of every business. For you to run a startup or a
successful company smoothly, you’ll need to have excellent knowledge of
financial management. But what exactly is this financial management, and why is
it so vital?

Is Financial Management?

Financial management can simply be referred to as strategic planning,
directing, or organizing and controlling of all financial undertakings in an
institution. Additionally, it includes applying management principles to
company financial assets and plays a vital role in fiscal management. The
primary objective of financial management includes

· Maintaining enough supply of monetary support for the

· Ensuring the company shareholders get good returns.

· Ensuring there is optimum and efficient utilization of

· Creating authentic and safe investment chances for the
firm to invest in.

 Here Are Some Of The Elements That Makeup Financial

· Financial planning: this is the process of calculating the
auto finance capital your firm needs and then determines its allocation.
However, a financial plan contains particular primary objectives, this includes

· Calculating the amount of capital required

· Framing the capital organization and structure

· Creating and evaluating the company’s financial policies
and regulations

· Financial control: 
this is the primary activity in financial management, and its central
role is to evaluate whether the company is meeting its objective or not.
Financial control answers the following questions:

1.     Is your company using its assets

2.         Are your organization’s assets secure?

3.         Is your management acting in the best
interests of your company and stakeholders?

 · Financial
decision-making involves investment and financing with regards to the firm best
interest. Your financial decision-making department upholds decisions about how
the company should raise funds, whether selling shares or distributing the

Is Financial Management So Import?

Business Life Cycle

There are so many companies that experience loss and
negative cash flows during their startup period. For this reason, financial
management is vital during these early days. As a financial manager; you must
ensure that the company has enough money to pay suppliers and employees,
although there is more money going out than money coming in. Furthermore,
financial management plays a crucial role to find appropriate funds’ assets at
the lowest cost thus helping to control the company’s expenses. Also, the financial
management ensures that the account does not report becoming excessively
exceptionally utilized with debt and adverse impact on credit rating. Suppose
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Good profits depend on excellent financial management.  All money-related administrations must help
improve the profits with the assistance of solid monetary control gadgets like
budget management and cost volume benefit

the Value of The Firm

Financial management plays a vital role in maximizing the
company’s wealth and profits. Additionally, it gives a definitive point of your
business interest to accomplish the most remarkable benefit and increase
productivity. As a result, this prompts an increased number of financial
specialists and helps boost the country’s economic growth.


Financial management allows you to determine the exact
financial budget required to auto finance and run your business. It also
provides you with the exact financial requirements and demands such as working
capital, cost of infrastructure, fixed assets, among others

 Filling Taxes

At the end of the year, the government is always around to
collect taxes. The financial management is responsible for planning to pay the
taxes on a timely basis. Note that financial management is a crucial skill that
a small or large business owner should have. This is because every decision the
owner makes can impact the business positively or negatively. As the owner, you
are only allowed to make decisions within the context of the company’s


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