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What Are The Most Common Myths About Auto Insurance?

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 29, 2020 / Compare-autoinsurance.org ( https://compare-autoinsurance.org ) has launched a new blog post that presents some of the most popular car insurance myths.

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Car insurance can be confusing, and it’s made even more so by the myths circulating. Many car insurance myths are spread as truths by persons with no knowledge of how the car insurance industry works or by bad-intended persons.

The most common myths in the car insurance industry are the following:

  • The color of the vehicle can determine the cost of car insurance. Many believe that persons with red cars pay more on their premiums. This is not true. Car insurance companies will never ask someone about the color of their vehicle. In a standard application, drivers will be required to list the make, model, year, and any non-standard specifications of their vehicles, as well as providing a slew of personal information about themselves. According to numerous studies, there’s no evidence to show that red cars are pulled over by the police more often than cars of other colors.
  • No-fault policies will absolve a guilty driver. The name of the policy can be deceiving for many. A no-fault policy can be used by policyholders to receive reimbursement for medical bills, regardless of who was at-fault in a car accident. This means that the insurance companies will first pay for the medical expenses of their customers and then they will wait until the police decide who was at fault. The driver who is found guilty for the accident will have its insurance premiums increased.
  • If another person drives the vehicles, his/her policy will cover the accident. Usually, the car insurance covering the vehicle is considered the primary insurance. This means that the car owner’s insurance provider will have to pay for the damages caused by an accident, regardless of who is behind the wheel.
  • A credit score has no effect on the price of insurance. Only a few states don’t allow the insurers to use the credit score of their customers to determine the insurance rates. In all other states, the credit score is an important factor used to determine insurance premiums. Drivers with a good credit score are considered more responsible and will pay less on insurance than people with poor credit scores who are seen as less responsible.

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“Many myths regarding the car insurance industry are spread by persons who have very little knowledge of how this industry works. Fortunately, these myths are not true and most of them are easy to debunk”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company.


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