May 19, 2022


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Unstoppable Innovation

COVID-19 might have dominated the headlines, but the HME industry’s software companies have continued to push the envelope when it comes to developing new capabilities. Here’s a round-up of recent innovations to hit the market.

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Over the past 15 years or so,
HME providers have learned to
leverage software systems to turn
their businesses into agile and efficient
operations that can manage major changes
while still tapping into opportunities to
deliver improved care as well as new market
segments. If there’s been one business
asset that providers have leveraged to
manage a whole universe of change, it’s
been their software systems.

That’s why each year, we take a
moment to survey some of the latest
upgrades, enhancements and new
offerings the industry’s software vendors
have released during the past year. And
while the entirety of healthcare was
focused on the COVID-19 pandemic,
the software companies kept to task
when it came to refining their systems.
Furthermore, many software companies

pushed new technology agendas, having
looked further down the road at the
trends that will impact providers in the

Bearing that in mind, let’s take a look
at what’s been released in recent months:

Brightree Business
Management Solution

Brightree by ResMed

As you might have seen in various HMEB
podcast and video interviews, a big push
for Brightree this year has been patient
engagement. As part of the company’s
ongoing product strategy around business
process improvement, automation,
integration and analytics, Brightree has
focused on a patient-centric approach to
digitally communicate with the patient
based on their preferred method of contact
(text, email, portal, or app).

HMEs can configure automated messages
and updates triggered by data and
analytics for an Amazon-like experience.

Also, with Brightree’s recent acquisition
of Citus Healthcare, Brightree’s software
can enable internal care collaboration
and improved patient outreach tools
such as forms and document signature
initiated via an app-less text message
or email. Its new Comprehensive Patient
Intake lets providers customize the intake
process based on job role, which reduces
onboarding time and order entry errors
for missing information. Qualification
questions have been added to help qualify
patients based on payer and product
to cut denials for unqualified orders.

(888) 598-7797

TIMS Software


Computers Unlimited developed TIMS
Software with the user experience in
mind, offering customizable workflow,
strong visual cues, and operational
processing resulting in high-quality,
compliant claims and increased productivity.
And our support services provide
the support you need – when you need
it – with unparalleled results.

TIMS has continued to focus on being
a comprehensive business management
solution for providers, focusing on
revenue-qualifying patient intake; efficiency-boosting workflows; automated
resupply; compliance-centric document
and authorization management; collection/denial worklists; mobile delivery;
inventory and rental equipment management;
ePurchasing; eDrop shipping; and
performance and KPI analytics.

The company has aimed to keep
ensuring TIMS is a fully integrated system
designed to optimize outcomes and
seamlessly synchronize data in realtime
for providers’ entire revenue cycle,
including mobile apps for delivery and
warehouse operations.

Computers Unlimited
(406) 255-9500

PlayMaker Spark

PlayMaker Health

A hosted sales management and CRM
system for optimizing HME sales, PlayMaker has deployed several updates to
its software in 2021 focused on promoting
ease of use and improving the customer
experience. A provider using the CRM
can now display orders alphanumerically;
access updated payer mix data; and view
updated market data from 2021.

PlayMaker also enhanced its provider
matching algorithms, better enabling
users to identify providers with the highest
probability of serving patients that
are applicable to the user. Additionally,
chat functionality is now available within
the software providing quick access to
technical support.

PlayMaker Health
(866) 930-6847

Healthcare Data
Management System

Universal Software Solutions

Offering various solutions for providers
in the post-acute care space, Universal
Software Solutions’ HDMS has been a
long-standing hosted or on-premise HME
management system. HDMS has offered
patient, inventory and revenue management
home medical and specialty
equipment, disposable supply, P&O, and
infusion/specialty pharmacy providers.

The company’s recent StowPoint
product handles all of a providers’ content
management needs allowing word, image,
audio, and video files to be stored all
in one place. Providers leveraging both
solutions can expect to benefit from a
tight integration, the company says.

Universal Software Solutions
(810) 653-5000

This article originally appeared in the November/December 2021 issue of HME Business.