January 28, 2023


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Thurman employee whose insurance was cut off is no longer working for town | Politics

Board member Randy Galusha had pressed the issue, saying at a previous meeting that granting the insurance without board authorization could constitute an illegal gift and expose the town to litigation.

The board vote 3-2 to cut off the insurance, with Galusha and fellow board members Joan Harris and Ed Brown voting in favor. Shepler and Doug Needham were opposed.

The resolution also directed Seaman to reimburse the town for its expenses. Galusha said if Seaman did not voluntarily make the town whole, the next step would be a lawsuit.

Shepler tried to get the board to rescind the resolution and reinstate the insurance at the April 14 meeting, but to no avail.

Rumors had been swirling around town about Seaman’s employment status, but nothing official had been confirmed by the town.

Town Clerk Susan Staples said in an email on Monday she noticed Seaman had been removed from the town’s accounting software when Shepler asked her to print out a copy of a financial abstract last week. Also, Seaman has not been coming into work, Staples said.

Shepler did not return a message on Friday, seeking comment. When contacted Monday, Shepler said she was in the middle of something and too busy to talk.

Regarding the harassment allegation, Galusha said on Monday he never had any personal issue with Seaman. He did not interact with her much, he said.