September 30, 2023


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This business management app suite saves big money while putting everything in one place

Business owners want to make money. It’s why businesses are created. We all know this. A big factor in making money is increasing sales while decreasing the costs of providing the goods and services you’re selling. That’s Economics 101. We all know this too.

But where many entrepreneurs get tripped up is in exactly how to make that increase sales-decrease costs equation work. There are plenty of moving parts in decisions like those, but here’s one that’s simple: Why pay 10 different vendors for one service each when you can just pay one provider to get all 10? 

Averox Business Management Solutions is all about streamlining efficiency, which is why they collected over a dozen different apps servicing all facets of business operations into one integrated, easy-to-use system. It not only helps a business stay on track and keep growing. It also saves business owners a heck of a lot of money paying for overlapping apps.

Averox’s ABM collection brings together all of its most impactful business apps into one consolidated dashboard, allowing business owners to handle all their management tasks in one place from virtually anywhere.

On the sales side, there’s Customer Relationship Management for scaling up business operations by empowering sales, services, and marketing teams. There’s also Contact Management to help prioritize leads and cultivate those relationships without ever dropping the ball.

As for the daily operations side of your business, ABM offers tools like Task Management and Events Management to help schedule and track your most crucial tasks as well as plan and coordinate every step of managing a business event.

If you need it as a business owner, it’s likely ABM has an app for it, whether you’re trying to tackle bookkeeping and accounting duties, track your raw materials and inventory or hire staff. There’s even a beautifully designed and intuitive chat support system to help a company meet and satisfy the expectations of your customers.

And those are just some of the weapons in the ABM arsenal to help get every element of a business in line and in perfect harmony.  

Collecting all the services that the Averox Business Management Solutions package puts in one place would usually cost north of $5,000 in assorted subscriptions with a dozen different services. But with this deal, the entire collection is available now at a fraction of that total, just $79.

Prices subject to change.

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