December 8, 2023


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State Senators Protest Health Insurance Rate Hikes In CT

CONNECTICUT — Two state senators have submitted testimony to the Connecticut Insurance Department opposing proposed health insurance rate hikes now being reviewed and considered by state regulators.

Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (21st District) and State Senator Tony Hwang (28th District), ranking member of the Insurance & Real Estate Committee, delivered their proposition to Commissioner Andrew N. Mais on Monday.

The lawmakers also renewed their calls for health care affordability reforms blocked during this year’s legislative session.

“Connecticut residents cannot afford more expensive health care costs,” said Sens. Kelly and Hwang, in a statement released Monday. “Cost growth is out of control and insurance premiums are often the size of a monthly mortgage payment. CT’s average insurance premium for family coverage is already more expensive than a Honda Civic. At the same time, people are also still trying to financially recover from the pandemic.”

Saying there is a “better way” to reduce the costs and increase the quality of insurance, the lawmakers wrote to the Insurance commissioner asking that officials carefully consider the impact of rate hikes on Connecticut families and also consider proposals to reduce health care costs.

“Connecticut Republicans have a better way on health care and a comprehensive plan to reduce health care costs. Seeing these steep proposed increases is particularly infuriating considering that Democrat lawmakers refused to take action to reduce health insurance premiums and health care costs this past legislative session,” said Kelly and Hwang.

The Connecticut Senate Republican Plan for “A Better Way to Affordable Health Care” includes multiple policies Kelly and Hwang say would reduce health insurance premiums and prescription drug costs.

The senators are also urging members of the public to submit testimony on the proposed rate hikes.