February 3, 2023


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SIC Insurance Plc. enhances its Home Insurance Policy with launch of ‘SIC HomePlus’

The Country’s largest non-life insurer, SIC Insurance Plc. has launched its newly enhanced home insurance package ‘SIC HomePlus’.

The new home insurance policy has been designed to provide coverage for different assets and belongings of the household against natural and man-made perils like fire, burglary, third party legal liability, family personal accident, death and critical illness.

Speaking at the launch of the product, the General Manager in charge of Operations at SIC Insurance Plc, Faris Attrickie said, “the ‘SIC HomePlus’ is a flexible home insurance package that allows homeowners and renters to configure a plan that better suits their individual homes, personal and family protection needs.”

“This customised home protection insurance also gives policy owners a choice of additional benefit amounts and a wide variety of critical health care categories including heart, cancer, kidney failure, stroke, coma, major burns among many other,” he added.

In other words, policy owners would have a cash benefit issued when an insured person is diagnosed with a critical illness like the diseases listed above and more.

Stephen Oduro, the Managing Director of SIC Insurance Plc. said, “homes are some of the most valuable assets anyone can have whether it’s one’s own home or a rented apartment.

“Unfortunately, in our part of the world a lot of the times, we do not take steps to protect this lifetime investment.

“This obviously leads to difficulties when the unexpected happens whether it is fire, burglary, the collapse of the building or any form of accident at home,” he added.

Mr Oduro further added, “SIC Insurance believes that as a country and a people, we must come to a place where protecting our homes is a priority on the list of must-dos for both homeowners and home renters.”

Special guest at the event, Albert Oko Dagadu, representing the National Insurance Commission commended SIC Insurance Plc. for improving on the Home Insurance package to cover critical illness alongside the basic home insurance covers.

He said sometimes paying for homeowners’ insurance makes some people cringe because insurance is an intangible product but comes to life when disaster strikes.

He urged the insuring public to make home insurance and all other insurances a priority.