September 30, 2023


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Radiology Business Management Association launches imaging charity targeting underserved patients

RBMA’s board of directors voted to take over the foundation in the hopes of “expanding a very small and promising program,” according to founder Elisabeth Quam. ICF matches community clinics with imaging entities, vetting patients to ensure they do not qualify for coverage prior to their referral. The clinic then commits to providing any necessary follow-up healthcare services, noted Quam, who is also former director of the Center for Diagnostic Imaging (now Rayus Radiology).

No financial paperwork is required and oftentimes the clinic uses the value of donated radiology services to “match” grants from other community foundations or governmental entities. ICF dates back a decade prior to becoming part of RBMA and has served thousands across several states.

“Staff and rads who are involved love the program,” Quam said. “Most of the patients are in very serious shape by the time they are referred.”

The Radiology Business Management Association kicked off this new iteration of Imaging for a Cause at its annual meeting in Las Vegas in late October. Radiology providers can sign up to provide charity care for as few as five patients per month. ICF offers guidance on setting things up and tracking the value of donated services. Quam and colleagues also emphasized, because the program provides care to Federally Qualified Health Center patients, it avoids running afoul of physician self-referral laws.