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Nodeseeds reveals investment in margin trading DEX

PARIS, June 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Blockchain venture capitalist firm Nodeseeds has announced its investment in decentralized finance protocol This development was revealed on June 21 and continues the current spate of investment by the Nodeseeds in recent months.

Significant investment for Nodeseeds

Nodeseeds investment in is a significant one as it looks to leverage the potentials of the margin trading platform. is a decentralized protocol that allows users to access comprehensive trading tools like leveraging and margin trading.

Users receive rewards in the form of its native token for providing liquidity, and they can also stake on supported farming pools for additional rewards. In addition, also allows stakers to receive a share of revenue generated during liquidations and integrates buyback and burn programs as deflationary mechanisms.

Nodeseeds believes that the margin trading platform has the potential to offer DeFi enthusiasts a unique trading experience. Since its launch in 2021, has experienced fast developments and has achieved several milestones within its roadmap.

Nodeseeds investment will be used to foster growth and strategies that will place the platform as a major hub for crypto enthusiasts.

Blockchain-based Venture Capitalist

Unlike other blockchain-based venture capitalists, Nodeseeds is designed to enable anyone to take part in investing in startups and projects at the earliest stage. It seeks to break the current barriers associated with the common investor accessing some of the top projects’ private sales.

By holding its native token NDS, users can access tokenized private sales and seed rounds at the earliest phase of a blockchain startup or project. This difference means that users that hold NDS can invest in a project that could become the next best thing within a short period.

Additionally, Nodeseeds also uses 40% of its profits to buy back NDS tokens and burn them periodically, with just 15% going directly to the company. The VC also has a form on its website page for new crypto projects that desire funds to fill a form on its website profile.

The native NDS token is the utility token of the decentralized VC, and users have to hold 350 NDS tokens to become eligible to participate in the private Nodeseeds investment channels and get specially made analyses of upcoming partnerships.

More developments in the pipeline

Nodeseeds is one of the fastest blockchain-based venture capitalists in the crypto industry. Since its launch in early 2021, the company has amassed a track record of investing in outstanding projects such as Occam, Polystarter, Trustpad, and Bitspawn

Nodeseeds recently invested in DeFi protocol, Volatility protocol, and partnership are huge for the project. Volatility protocol is a DeFi protocol that allows users to capitalize on the volatile nature of the crypto market.

Although primarily built on Ethereum, Nodeseeds invests in projects from other blockchain protocols. Occam is a DeFi suite on Cardano and Trustpad is a secured decentralized multi-chain fundraising platform.

Nodeseeds intends to continue its current pace of investing and will fund more projects as its community grows in the coming months.

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