February 2, 2023


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Leap-Biz automated business management tool for entrepreneurs launched

A newly launched automated business management tool Leap-Biz uses integrated information flow to keep business owners consistently up to date about their businesses, enabling them to make informed decisions.

“Leap-Biz takes a holistic approach and provides integrated functionality for all front-office and back-end business requirements,” says Leap-Biz founder and CEO Jacques de Bruin.

The solution is cloud-based and is available for use on all computers, as well as on mobile devices through a user-friendly app.

The tool also offers easy-to-use management and marketing tools.

“Entrepreneurs can now run their businesses efficiently from their mobile phones,” comments Leap-Biz director Tsepo Ntshona.

The software ensures all necessary functions can be easily and intuitively performed, including emailing, issuing cost estimates, sending invoices and assigning tasks and following up on leads and deals.

“Leap-Biz frees individuals to focus on the core competencies of the business by providing this functionality for them, while also managing other critical areas of their business,” Ntshona adds.

Marketing is also a key focus of the management tool. On request, business owners are given their own company website, as well as social media management assistance.

Other benefits include permission-based access to ensure everyone in the business is up to date regarding their areas of responsibility.

“Employees access the Leap system via tiered access control allowing functionality only to their specific area of interest. This includes the ability to share documents with enhanced workflow capabilities. Any added, edited or deleted information by each user is recorded and date-stamped, ensuring transparency and record keeping,” De Bruin explains.

The Leap platform is designed to link all modules seamlessly. The user can access any area of the system from any function and view any information without jumping around between screens, he says.

“If a sales executive wants to view all information for a particular customer, content such as leads, deals, quotations, orders, invoices, emails and other relevant documents are all visible on a single screen.”

‘Keep it simple’ was the principle at the heart of the tool’s design.

“Leap-Biz is holistic, yet only gives business owners and managers information as and when they need it.”

While the computer version of Leap-Biz requires an Internet connection, the mobile phone app can be used offline, which is another benefit for new business entrepreneurs. When WiFi becomes available, the system is automatically updated.

Leap was not only created for small, medium-sized and microenterprises, it also supports large companies, De Bruin adds.

“Lenders profit from its risk management and red-flag monitoring abilities. It can be designed in a way that all the information that has been entered by the business owner can easily be accessed by third parties (such as banks who grant loans or even mega-sellers which want to be on top of their companies). This extra feature allows the bank or investor to easily monitor all activities within the business with ease and flexibility.”