September 30, 2023


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Intuit Refreshes Popular Personal Financial Management App Mint

Intuit launched a significantly updated Mint experience to help people effortlessly manage their finances. The new Mint app provides a major design refresh, new features such as subscription monitoring, an advanced month-over-month view of net worth and spending, and personalized Mintsights in a powerful and free all-in-one app.

“We are enhancing the Mint experience based on feedback we’ve heard from our loyal user base. Millions of people use Mint for many purposes and success is different for everyone. With all that happened this past year, it’s never been more important to stay on top of your money. Our goal is to empower existing and new Mint users with a free app that is more usable and useful. The new app helps users feel peace of mind around exactly where they stand with their finances, and a sense of progress toward achieving their desired money outcomes.”

Varun Krishna, Senior Vice President and Head of Consumer Finance with Intuit Consumer Group

New Mint App Features

  • Trend Visualizations: Users will now have immediate access to key trends right from the overview. They will see how their net worth changes over time and easily track month-over-month spending so they can assess and adjust against their goals.
  • In-Product Mintsights: Personalized insights, newly available in-app, will now offer more relevant guidance based on an individual’s unique financial situation and goals, such as alerting you when your bills increase or opportunities to adjust your budgets to save more based on your historical and current spending. Mintsights are personalized for each user and provide suggestions based on prior activities to help people save money and pay down debt faster.
  • Automatic Subscription Tracking: Users can seamlessly see subscriptions they’ve purchased by connecting any bank or credit card used to pay for subscriptions. Mint will now allow customers to set up an automatic notification if any of those subscriptions increase or decrease in price.
  • Bulk Edit and Improved Categorization: Categorizing transactions is even easier in the Mint app, with the option to bulk edit multiple transactions at once, and customize your categories.
  • New This Month tab: Immediate access to all your spending, trends, and budgets with a single tap to quickly and easily monitor your spending behaviors.
  • Income Tracking: In addition to tracking monthly expenses against a user’s budget, users can also now track their paychecks, interest income, rental income, and reimbursements.
  • Improved Usability: Users will no longer have to scroll to access critical financial information such as notifications, credit score, and accounts.

In addition to the significant product upgrade, Mint has also made continuous improvements over the last year to other features including categorization accuracy, account connectivity, and better recommendations and insights based on machine learning technology and behaviors over time.

These new features are available in the Mint iOS iPhone app now. The company did not specify when the new features will be available for Android devices.

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