December 6, 2023


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Illinois’ electronic automobile insurance verification program aims to crack down on uninsured drivers

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WMBD) — A $100 reinstatement fee will be charged to vehicle owners who fail to prove insurance under Illinois’ electronic verification program.

Secretary of State Jesse White said starting July 1, the state’s mandatory insurance electronic verification program goes into effect. Auto insurance companies and the Secretary of State’s Office are working together to verify motorists’ insurance electronically.

In most instances, vehicle owners will not have to do anything, since the electronic verification of automobile insurance will be handled automatically.

“My office has led the effort to establish and implement an automobile insurance verification system online that uses innovations in technology to help reduce the number of Illinois motorists driving while uninsured,” White said. “The message is simple: if you don’t have auto insurance, get covered now. It is the law.”

With the Illinois Insurance Verification System (ILIVS), automobile insurance will be electronically verified at least twice a year at random intervals by vehicle owners to comply with state automobile liability insurance laws. 

A written request will be sent to the vehicle owner if electronic verifications are unsuccessful, and the Secretary of State will suspend the registration of the vehicle if the owner does not show proof of insurance. Vehicle owners must contact their insurance company or notify their insurance agent that they received the Secretary of State’s letter and the specific reference number on it.

A vehicle owner’s auto insurance is verified electronically by the insurance agent through with the Secretary of State.

Vehicle owners who receive the letter are urged not to visit driver services, but to contact their insurance company or agent, who can provide them with the necessary electronic proof of insurance.

License plates of vehicles without automobile insurance will be suspended unless they obtain insurance.