May 17, 2022


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How to boost morale and make work fun again:

Work can be a rather boring place, with endless tasks to complete and meetings to attend, it can really seem like there is no place for fun in business. But, you can change that. By making a few small changes, you can turn your humdrum office to a happier place to be.

One way you can ensure some downtime in your office is to provide employees with a breakroom, a calm, well decorated space where employees can enjoy a cup of coffee while taking a well earned break, or a place for them to sit and have their lunch together instead of eating at their desks. Decorating your break room can be easy with websites like which allows you to read reviews for top rated business supplies websites to help you choose only the best.

Here are a few more ways you can make your office a happy place to be, while boosting employee morale:

  1. Recognise when an employee has reached a milestone in their career, or when they have overcome challenges and completed a large project. Celebrating these wins, no matter how big or small, can make an employee feel validated and that they make a worthy contribution to the success of the company.
  2. Work hard at making employees feel like they belong. Often employees can feel like they are nothing more than a number and that they are not valued. Getting to know your employees on a more personal level will make them feel like they have a friend and that they feel they are part of a group.
  3. Create a positive space for employees. Too many times the emphasis is placed on what went wrong, or what didn’t work with a project. Instead of focusing on the bad, look at all the things that went right and use the rest as learning curves. It is easier to correct a mistake than it is to try to boost morale in a negative environment.
  4. Celebrate employees personal achievements as well as their work achievements. Celebrating an employee’s birthday or engagement can make them feel like they are valued by the company and that their personal lives also matter. This can be done by taking a few minutes of the work day to all get together and have a piece of cake and a cup of coffee.
  5. Try to create a more equal work-life balance for employees. Employees all have a personal life out of the office. Be it a sick child at home, or a doctor’s appointment that cannot be had outside of working hours, employees will need to take time off every now and then. Create clear, fair leave policies which will cover the employee in the event of them needing to take time off due to personal reasons.

The most important thing a business owner can do is create a positive working environment that focuses on the employee and not just the work they are doing. Employees are more productive and driven when they are valued and appreciated. A happy employee leads to a happy office environment.