March 21, 2023


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How to become an accountant

About the job:

Accountants work with numbers, handling services like bookkeeping, auditing, preparation of financial statements, tax preparation and more. Some work for various clients, and others work for a specific employer or business. “Taxes are a big part of an accountant’s role, and some specialize in that area,” said Greg Miller, (CQ) a partner in the accounting firm of Davie Kaplan. (CQ) “We help clients understand tax legislation…and the best opportunities for them.”

Keeping up with constantly changing tax codes is crucial, along with ever-shifting legal- and industrial rules and regulations. The education aspect is year-round.

Passbook, money, calculator, and hand holding pencil.

Davie Kaplan, based in downtown Rochester, specializes in what Miller calls “closely held,” or family owned, businesses. The firm also handles services like consulting and retirement plans.

The peak season for accountants is from February through mid-April, or what people refer to as “tax time.” The hours can be long and overtime is common during that period; many accountants make up for it with shorter work-weeks later in the year.