December 8, 2023


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How one small business owner used digital marketing to boost her online sales

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Carina, like many other small business owners, has turned to MailMetroMedia’s new Ad Manager to help boost sales

Small businesses selling products in stores have been hugely impacted by the pandemic – as shoppers stayed away from high streets due to lockdown after lockdown.

Many entrepreneurs have had to learn quickly how to switch their focus online – or face the devastating reality of going bust.

For Carina Evans, 43, from Hurley, Berkshire, her 16-year-old brand, Podium Pet Products (, had relied on selling to wholesalers or retailers, rather than direct to consumers.

However, when shops were told to close their doors in March 2020, orders for their all-natural pet wellness products ground to a halt.

Carina said: ‘We were frightened because all retailers had closed, and our main business is and was through wholesale. But there was no footfall because of lockdown. So we were sitting on a lot of stock.

‘We did a bit online before this, but it was never significant enough to our bottom line to be important. But last year, we were lucky enough to be in a position to turn it on properly.’

Carina launched an e-commerce platform for her brand’s website and their distributors also started to sell more to online retailers, leading to Podium Pet Products’ best year to date.

Keen to build on that success, Carina, like many other small business owners, has turned to MailMetroMedia’s new Ad Manager.

The dynamic advertising platform has been launched to help SMEs to thrive while coming out of lockdown.

It allows businesses to market to MailOnline, Metro and iNews’ huge audiences, while targeting potential customers by postcode, interests or life stage – all at an incredibly affordable price.

Ad Manager: The results!

Cost: £2799.71

Ad impressions (how many times the ads were viewed): 443,426

Web clicks: 798

Results: Rise in new customers. Reaching a new demographic.

Carina says: ‘Ad Manager really saved our bacon!

And it’s straight-forward to use. Business owners can easily create their own campaign, set the budget and the target audience – and it can be live in less than 24 hours.

There’s also a friendly account manager at the other end of the phone to help you every step of the way.

Carina, who created her own seven-day campaign, said: ‘Ad Manager has really saved our bacon. 

‘Our normal campaigns are all brand awareness campaigns to support retailers buying our products but since we have used MailOnline, we have seen a really good increase in clicks to our website as well, a welcome by product. 

‘The whole system has been easy to use, intuitive and the best bit about it was I have a lovely account manager I can actually call up and speak to. 

Carina says: ‘It’s been a fantastic (and easy) online digital marketing journey, I am glad I took the plunge!’

‘We have reached a whole new demographic of people that we have been able to turn into new customers.

‘It’s been a fantastic (and easy) online digital marketing journey, I am glad I took the plunge!’

The new self-serve Ad Manager takes just minutes to set up, and allows you to advertise to more people in your area than your local titles can reach.

You can target by postcode, interests, and life stage to reach as many of our 25 million consumers as you like.

There are no hidden fees, and you can control everything, from budget to target audience to creative design.

Here’s how you can advertise YOUR small business with MailMetroMedia:

To give YOUR small business a boost, visit MailMetroMedia’s Ad Manager today!

To give YOUR small business a boost, visit MailMetroMedia’s Ad Manager today!