December 5, 2023


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FourQ Establishes Global Partner Program to Streamline Intercompany Financial Management Efforts of Multinational Companies


FourQ launched today a global partner program designed to drive collaboration and engagement with technology providers, consulting firms, and professional services firms. The partner program, developed in response to increased demand for intercompany financial management (IFM), will promote and develop joint best-in-class intercompany solutions in areas of tax, billing, vendor payments, and financial transformation.

“Corporations operating across various tax jurisdictions with multiple ERP systems are burdened with intercompany complexity and overhead,” explained May Ma, Vice President of Transformation at FourQ. “There is a tremendous opportunity to address the challenges that multinational corporations are facing through our new FourQ partner program. Collaboration with strategic technology and consulting partners will enable us to seamlessly deliver innovative and interoperable solutions at scale.”

The FourQ partner program encompasses four distinct channels, including:

Technology Partners. Companies that offer financial close and automation solutions (such as e-invoicing) that complement and enhance FourQ’s technical capabilities to provide customers with comprehensive solutions.

Managed Service and BPO Partners. Outsourcing providers of standardized back-office processes that leverage FourQ’s platform to differentiate their service offerings and maximize clients’ investments.

Consulting and Professional Services Partners. Services firms that bring a wealth of knowledge in tax, financial advisory, process controls, and industry expertise.

Referral Partners. Firms that serve and educate those involved with managing intercompany risk and intercompany financial management processes.

FourQ streamlines operations and eliminates the complexity inherent to conducting global business. Providing automated intercompany processing seamlessly integrated with global vendor invoice management, FourQ processes over $34 billion annually across 110 countries. FourQ’s intercompany financial management platform, comprising of two integrated solutions include Paymaster which provides universal vendor invoice management and OneBiller which automates intercompany accounting for billing and tax optimization.

As defined by business technology research and advisory services firm, Ventana Research, IFM is a discipline for structuring and handling transactions within a corporation and between its legal entities. IFM is designed to maximize staff efficiency and accounting accuracy while optimizing tax exposure, minimizing tax leakage, and ensuring consistent tax and regulatory compliance. Ventana Research predicts that by 2025, one-half of organizations with 10,000 or more employees will have implemented IFM to achieve tax, risk management, and financial close benefits.

To learn more about FourQ’s partner program, please contact us at: [email protected].

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