December 6, 2023


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Envestnet Credit Exchange Offers Secured And Unsecured Loan Options

Envestnet Credit Exchange recently launched access to a broad range of real estate property and unsecured lending products from a growing list of lending partners that were selected for their wide breadth of products and services. The product set from Envestnet Credit Exchange now expands beyond security-backed lending with Upgrade and Lightstream for unsecured loans. Ally Home, Better, and Guaranteed Rate will now help wealth managers achieve their clients’ real estate financing needs. 

Powered by Advisor Credit Exchange (ACx), the Envestnet Credit Exchange will provide financial advisors with access to secured and unsecured loan options through the Envestnet ecosystem. These loans fall between a wide range, $10,000 to $25 million and above. 

Clients are analyzed for their financial data and matched with the right lending opportunities. Options are gathered from a list of lending partners, prioritized by their product offerings, service quality, and financing experience. 

“To compete and succeed in the wealth management arena, Advisors must address both sides of their clients’ balance sheet,” said Andrew Stavaridis, executive group head of solutions distribution at Envestnet. “Helping clients build net worth means managing credit as strategically as investments. This product expansion gives advisors solutions for their clients’ financing needs.”

Advisors can assist clients obtain residential real estate loans for either purchasing or refinancing. The Federal Reserve Board of New York reports that mortgages make up 70{de3fc13d4eb210e6ea91a63b91641ad51ecf4a1f1306988bf846a537e7024eeb} of consumers’ credit balances. Ally Home, Better, and Guaranteed Rate were the first residential mortgage lenders to join the exchange. 

Envestnet also partnered with Access Financing, Sweetpay brand, to provide unsecured loans and broaden consumer options.  The unsecured lending partners on the Credit Exchange include Upgrade and Lightstream. 

Peter Stanton, CEO of Advisor Credit Exchange, said, “The Envestnet Credit Exchange is now positioned to enable advisors to meet the three key personal lending services— securities-backed, unsecured, and real estate-based loans. The connections we foster can provide advisors the power and confidence to advise their clients on all aspects of lending and help them access the ideal credit solutions for meeting their needs.”

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