December 7, 2023


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E-wallet app: the best tool for financial management

mWallet is a e-wallet app that presents the best modern solutions for the financial, fuel, postal, and other industries. With this software, you can forget about transferring various credit cards and installing many applications on your mobile phone.

E-wallet is a universal payment solution for businesses in many areas and for customers from all over the world. E-currency management has never been so easy and affordable, it is also a great platform to create your own crypto wallet, it is equipped with all the necessary functions and technologies. Despite the fact that the main activity of the company is the development of electronic wallets for telecommunications companies, the technology is widely used in other industries, such as:

  • Retail fuel sales
  • Banking and financial industry
  • E-commerce
  • Postal industry
  • Cryptocurrency transactions

More than 1.5 million people from 14 countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America have already chosen this virtual currency management method. Constant online access allows you to manage your finances even on the go, with only an Android or iOS smartphone and internet access.

E-wallet app: the best tool for financial management

Mobile Wallet app from Wallet Factory

If you are thinking about integrating an e-wallet with the best functionality into your business, then the white label solution from Walletfactory is very likely to meet your needs and requests. The developers have made sure that this application is suitable for the most demanding customers, creating a solution with a wide range of settings. To increase your brand awareness, you can customize and create an app with your own unique design and logo. You will also have access to a wide range of features:

  • A number of virtual payment tools – transfer money in the app or in the store. Non-cash online payments;
  • P2P payment
  • NFC payment
  • payment via QR code
  • New ways to communicate with your customers-geolocation and CRM;
  • Retail outlet for non-bank customers;
  • Loyalty Program-Reward your customers with bonus points, special offers and exclusive discounts.

All in all, this app will help your business run smoothly and efficiently. This not only facilitates the interaction between the seller and the consumer, but also allows you to do it much faster. The self-service tool will allow you to make purchases faster, provide cashless payment for fuel, which allows you to create a functional application for gas stations, and also help eliminate queues when receiving prepaid parcels. There are also many other ways to implement the features that this app offers.

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