March 31, 2023


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Direct Mail Marketing Guide For Small Businesses

Direct mail marketing is any physical correspondence sent to clients through the mail to transact business. When sending mail to customers, include a business name and a call to action.

How Does Direct Mail Marketing Work?

A direct mail marketing campaign follows the listed steps.

Define Business Goals

Think about what is to be achieved through the mail campaign. Whether the aim is to direct more traffic to a website or store, having clear goals is essential at the beginning of the campaign.

Know The Audience

A successful campaign is tailored to what customers like. Think about customers’ needs and how the business goal fits into such. Obtain customer information from previous marketing campaigns regarding behavior, likes, and dislikes and use the data to inform the campaign.

Create The Mailing List

There are two types of essential mailing lists. House lists: Contain the names and addresses of existing and prospective clients. Purchased lists: A list of selected audiences who have high deliverability rates. Focusing more on the house list is crucial since those clients are familiar with the brand.

Decide On A CTA

A call to action is a crucial element of a direct mailer. A good CTA is memorable and relays the aim of sending the mail and the efforts needed. Always take time when crafting one and consider using a copywriter for assistance.

Decide On A Format

Options include:

  • Letters
  • Booklets
  • Flyers
  • Brochures

Design The Mail

Focus on CTA and keep in mind the original goal when designing the mail. Use a modern direct mail template to customize the design.

Send The Mail

Use a print and mail shop to handle the postage, printing, and sending of direct mail.

Benefits Of Direct Mail Campaigns

It is highly targeted: Each direct mail campaign targets long-time clients and new prospects. Customers only receive information that suits their buying habits.

  • Direct mail is personalized: A laminated postcard includes names and related personal information. It allows clients to heed the message and complete a purchase.
  • Mail is tangible: Since direct mail is physical, clients will likely see the content as reliable and are bound to read the message.
  • Direct mail is cost-effective: The mailing campaign is relatively economical. There are mass mail rates available for this campaign.

Despite the attention to other forms of marketing, direct mailings remain a comprehensive marketing option. The affordability and flexibility make it a better choice for any organization that wishes to create an effective marketing program.