December 8, 2023


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CURE Auto Insurance doesn’t use credit scores for Michigan rates

Patrick Palmer, 53, of Detroit signed up with a new Michigan auto insurer and saw his monthly bill plummet.

Until last week, Patrick Palmer was paying an average of $295 a month to insure his 2008 Chevy Trailblazer.

Even though he has a good driver discount, the 53-year-old Detroit resident admits to having a poor credit history, and credit history is typically a big factor in auto insurance rates in Michigan, especially high-cost urban areas like Detroit.

Now Palmer is paying $128 a month after switching insurance companies.

“Man, it’s a blessing,” said Palmer, who works as a manager at a pizzeria. “That’s money I can keep in my pocket. I am living check to check.”

His new company, a small carrier known as CURE Auto Insurance or Citizens United Reciprocal Exchange, entered Michigan last week and is an auto insurance company — possibly the only one in Michigan  — that doesn’t use a credit score-like metric known as an “insurance score” when setting rates for drivers.