June 8, 2023


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Can I Recover Lost And Stolen Items Using Auto Insurance In Florida?

Can I Recover Lost And Stolen Items Using Auto Insurance In Florida?

People apply for car insurance as a form of safety and security. Many think that auto insurance policies protect them from damages they can get from an auto accident. But collisions and road accidents are not the only things drivers should be worried about. For one, car theft and robbery are very real in Florida.

They can happen to anyone and during times when car owners least expect it. The question is, is theft covered by your auto insurance? The answer depends on the type of insurance coverage you have.

Comprehensive Car Insurance If you seek protection from things like car theft, then you should have availed of comprehensive car insurance. Compared to collision insurance, comprehensive coverage covers other losses that are not in the scope of a collision. Aside from theft, it also includes damages from some natural disasters like flooding and uprooted trees.

While it seems to have more coverage than collision insurance, it does not include any damages to other vehicles or your medical treatment. It also does not cover your car’s damages from a collision, meaning any repairs and replacements are not part of it.

Collision Car Insurance Your collision car insurance comes into play when you get involved in auto accidents like collisions with other vehicles, objects, road hazards, and basically anything that has something to do with your car hitting something else. With that said, the scope of collision car insurance is limited compared to comprehensive coverage.

To answer the question, you may be able to recover your lost belongings and car theft under comprehensive auto insurance coverage and not from a collision car insurance policy.

What About My Medical Treatment And Injuries?

Your hospitalization bills and medical treatment fall under a different insurance coverage called Personal Injury Protection Insurance or PIP. Under Florida’s law, vehicle owners are required to have a PIP, which automatically covers hospital expenses when a car accident happens. The PIP ensures that drivers and passengers will receive medical attention immediately regardless of who is at fault.

Is My Family Covered By My PIP?

Family members are covered by the car owner’s PIP. This means that whether or not you are with them when the accident happens, they will be using your PIP coverage. In case you do not have a PIP, then you will be covered by the PIP of a family member or friend who has one.

Can I Receive Compensation From The At-Fault Party?

Whether they are medical bills, damages, repairs, and other losses, you can file for a compensation claim from the at-fault driver to be provided by their own auto insurance policy or any insurance company applicable. Depending on the negotiations, these might be resolved with the need to file for a personal injury lawsuit.

Get in touch with a Sarasota auto accident lawyer or Bradenton personal injury attorney when this happens. They can guide you on the next steps to take and make sure that victory is at hand.

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