September 29, 2023


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Bold Group Brings Productivity to the Field with Launch of Sedona-X Mobile Financial Management App for SedonaOffice

Colorado Springs, Colo. , Jan. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bold Group, an industry-leading purveyor of event monitoring, business automation, and cybersecurity solutions for the electronic security industry, has launched Sedona-X™ Mobile, a financial management application that integrates with Bold’s SedonaOffice® software, the premier enterprise-level financial management system designed specifically for the security industry. The Sedona-X Mobile app provides security companies with the ability to streamline field service management and dial up productivity of technicians in the field on an Android or iOS device.

Sedona-X Mobile can accept immediate, secure, PCI-compliant payments from anywhere. Credit card and ACH payments can be done within the app, and an optional, PCI-compliant Bluetooth card reader is also available. Sedona-X Mobile offers biometric data security – including face and/or fingerprint recognition – for a secure, functional experience.

“The ability to accept payments in the field has been an important priority for our customers and we’re excited to be able to offer this feature securely in Sedona-X Mobile,” said Alison Forsythe, President of Bold Group. “This immediate, mobile payment capability will help our security customers boost revenue, as well as their overall productivity.”

With several project management features, SedonaOffice users can easily manage customer interactions from start to finish within the Sedona-X Mobile application. Some of the key productivity features include the ability to:

  • Manage calendars and appointments
  • Instantly access customer equipment and service history
  • Manage dispatches and arrivals
  • Add parts and notes to work orders
  • Capture photos and signatures

Sedona-X Mobile is available on both iOS and Android. For more information on Sedona-X Mobile and additional features, please visit:

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About Bold Group

For over three decades, the Bold Group has served the electronic security industry with the most comprehensive array of alarm monitoring and integrated financial management solutions tailored to achieve optimal business performance. Bold Group’s product portfolio features the renowned alarm monitoring systems Manitou®, stages®, and SIMS®. These leading alarm monitoring systems are complemented by the industry’s top accounting and business management systems: the SedonaOffice® suite and the bestselling AlarmBiller® system. For more information on Bold Group, visit or call 1-800-255-BOLD.