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Some say, taking a loan is forced saving. You may encounter people who have all the financial commodities, but anyway, will take a loan in case of an emergency instead of wasting their savings. There is great logic there. So, you suddenly decided to renovate the house? Or want to […]

Some say, taking a loan is forced saving. You may encounter people who have all the financial commodities, but anyway, will take a loan in case of an emergency instead of wasting their savings. There is great logic there.

So, you suddenly decided to renovate the house? Or want to take a memorable vacation? You can take online personal loans provided by these five incredible lending platforms that have everything you need: excellent application requirements, loan conditions, and above everything, you can apply independently from your credit score.

You should make a list of your needs, come up with an approximate amount for the loan, select one of the below-reviewed websites, and apply. The applications are free and fast; you will receive a notification with multiple lenders for personal loans with bad credit offers in just minutes. Lending never seemed more accessible than now.

Best 5 Sites For Personal Loans For Bad Credit

#1. Money Mutual: Best Online Lender For Installment Loans


The online form of applying for a loan made it pretty easy when customers with bad credit are concerned. Even if you have an excellent credit score, Money Mutual makes it a lot easier now more than ever to apply and be approved in just a matter of minutes. Moreover, this lending platform is a matching site, where the lenders have served more than two million clients, making them one of the leaders and pioneers in this business.


When people search anything linked to online loans, typically, Money Mutual is the first to pop up as a Google suggestion. They offer a broad palette of loan options: payday loans, installment loans, bad credit loans, and cash advances.

Application requirements

  • You must be older than 18 years
  • Have an active checking account
  • Have at least $800 of monthly income

Terms and conditions

The application is free and is easy to fill. The estimated time to fill is just around five minutes, and the results of lenders that are willing to collaborate with you will come in a few more minutes.

What you need to understand, that the function of the lending platforms is just connecting borrowers with lenders. If you decide to accept a contract, the terms and conditions, such as repayment time, interest rates, and additional fees, are between you and the lender. Money Mutual works on the same principles.

They are approving personal loans up to $35,000. If your application is approved, the funds will be transferred in the next 24 hours. The interest rates are floating, meaning they vary and depend on the lender’s will. The typical amount which borrowers get approved of is moving between $1,000-$5,000, depending on your FICO score. If you are interested in the maximum loan limit, you must know that special requirements and higher interest rates are included.

You can always count on support from the customer care service system if you have some difficulties with the applications or questions. They are also available on social media.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Money Mutual


  • The platform is free, fast, and effortless
  • You can apply in just five minutes
  • Money Mutual is a platform working as a middle man between borrowers and lenders
  • It offers great transparency before signing the contract
  • The platform provides a praiseworthy customer service


  • Unavailable in Connecticut and New York

Customer’s experience

The platform has earned a rating of 4.8 out of 5, which is a bold statement that customers are satisfied with services provided by Money Mutual. What attracts customers the most is the possibility of being approved no matter the credit score.

The requirements are mild, and they can be fulfilled by almost everyone. The rates are not high as other platforms and can be improved in a mutual agreement between lender and borrower.

#2. Lending Tree: Best For Fast-Cash Loans


With over 30 million served customers, the marketplace has become a natural environment for online lending platforms like Lending Tree. Lending Tree has partnered with lenders willing to help and collaborate with borrowers with lower FICO scores than 600.

If you struggle to get back on track with your normal financial situation, Lending Tree can be the help you need to stimulate better future decisions. There are plenty of resources that this brand can offer for your financial well-being.


Lending Tree has included some features that you will find helpful- a credit card analyzer or credit card repair plan options; these educational tools are here to teach you how to overcome financial obstacles. If you follow them right, you can reduce your debt and find yourself in a more optimistic position than before. You can choose between multiple loan purposes, such as home improvement, debt consolidation, car financing, business matters, medical bills, or wedding expenses.

Application requirements

  • You must be older than 18 years
  • Provide your home address
  • Provide your SSN
  • Show proof of a steady monthly income
  • Have a debt-to-income ratio of 36%
  • Show off your employment history

Terms and conditions

Each lender will have its own repayment conditions, such as penalties and origination fees. You must process your homework carefully to choose the best. The application is free and does not include any additional fees. But each lender designs its own terms and conditions. So if you have any problem with the contract itself, know where to address your doubts and concerns.

To apply for a Lending Tree loan, you need to make an account. The website application will ask to note the purpose of the loan. You also should specify the amount you want to borrow and how soon you need a disbursement, whether or not it is a matter of emergency. Then you should deliver your personal information, sorted as application requirements, and provide a contact where the offers can be delivered.

The APRs in Lending Tree vary but are starting from as low as 3.49% to as high as 35.76%. Since you will receive multiple offers, search for competitive rates that will be beneficial considering your situation.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Lending Tree


  • Lending partners will accept applicants with lower FICO scores than 600
  • You can apply for a loan between $1,000-$50,000
  • The application is free
  • The minimal APR at some lenders is 3.49%
  • Until now, it has processed over 60 million loan requests


  • Some lenders may include origination fees

Customer’s experience

Lending Tree is a company that can boast the number of loyal customers. The reason why their number constantly increases is because they have affordable prices, and you can encounter an APR rate starting from 3.49%, something quite rare at other lending platforms. Their representatives are available non-stop, and each customer can get genuine advice regarding some financial aspects and questions. The loan limits are different and suitable for everyone.

#3. Bad Credit Loans: Best For Emergency Loans & Payday Loans


When a person finds himself in the narrow, a little help from a third party can be helpful. Bad Credit Loans is the hand that will support you, providing a personal loan, through its platform. Although the brand isn’t a direct money supplier, it can help you narrow down the overwhelming offer of online lending networks to the one that will suit your needs.


Earning the title as one of the most trustworthy and reliable companies working in the virtual lending market will assist you through the process, no matter the reasons they put you on the display of lending money. Although its original purpose was to serve clients with bad credit scores, it can provide loans for people who have FICO scores bigger than 600.

Application requirements

  • You must be over 18 years old
  • Provide an active bank account under your name
  • Proof of legal citizenship or permanent residency
  • Verified document of monthly income

Terms and conditions

The platform is well-structured, using a fantastic interface that allows each visitor to navigate easily through the website. No additional fees are included, so you can apply without wasting any money.

Bad Credit Loans provides various loan types: personal loans, bad credit loans, mortgage loans, home loans, auto loans, and business loans. While filling the application, don’t forget to specify what loan you are applying for.

After the approval, you can pay back the money in a timeframe between three to sixty months. The interest rates vary from 5.99%-35.99% depending on the loan proceeds and your credit score. The platform gives leverage to customers who have a poor credit history and cannot provide a loan elsewhere.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Bad Credit Loans


  • It is easy to provide a personal loan
  • Customer care representatives are helpful and non-stop available
  • Despite providing personal loans, it offers other services such as poor credit repair or debt relief
  • All lender information are available


  • Interest rates tend to be expensive

Customer’s experience

Clients of Bad Credit Loans love how the loans are designed to suit individual needs. The platform helps each customer, no matter if he has poor credit or no credit history.

In fact, the chances to be approved as eligible with this platform are the highest, going 10% above others. The excellent collaboration between lenders and borrowers has resulted in millions of satisfied customers over the years. Customers rated Bad Credit Loans with 4.7 out of 5 regarding many areas, such as customer care availability, affordable interest rates, and easy requirements for the applicants.

#4. CashUSA:Best for Small Loans & Fast Cash


Numerous people suffer from bad credit. A tenth percent of the American population, if not more, has problems with FICO scores lower than 550. Cash USA has been a supportive partner for people who made unfortunate moves on a financial level for almost two decades.


Cash USA is a two-sided platform-it works as a middleman, providing loan offers between lenders and customers, but it can also be a direct lender, with the difference that the loans are limited.

Application requirements

  • Have an active checking account in your name
  • Be a permanent resident of US citizen
  • Provide a phone number from your home or work
  • Verified email address where you can be contacted
  • Earn at least $1,000 after the taxes

Terms and conditions

Like other lending platforms, Cash USA provided a fees-free website, where each visitor can try his luck without depositing any money. You should know that Cash USA works with soft pull, and your credit score would not be damaged from these applications.

Firstly you must enter the zip code of the area you live in, your birth year, and the last four digits of your SSN. As an introductory move, you will need to provide your zip code, birth year, and the last digits from your Social Security Number. These pieces of information are enough for the system to recognize you as a legitimate customer who can further become an applicant.

If you successfully entered the next level, you should provide your full name, the address where you live, and your credit score situation. The application will automatically ask about the purpose of your borrowings, and you must be honest since this in most cases is the deciding factor about the loan height. Specify information about the source of your income and employment(the length, your superior’s number).

To finalize the application process, you should specify where you stand with your current loans, give a scanned copy of your driver’s license ID, and the type of bank account you have. Suppose you want to get notifications to finalize the application. In that case, you need to enter your mobile number and get notifications and alerts when some lender reviews or wants to loan you money.

The interest rates vary on average between 5.99%-35.99%. The amount you could be approved for is $10,000. You can pay back the loan in a timeframe of 72 months, depending on the amount you’ve borrowed and other conditions included in the contract.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CashUSA


  • The borrowed amount can be used for multiple purposes
  • The estimated time to pay back the loan is between 3-72 months
  • Cash USA is a transparent and genuine lending platform
  • Considering your credit score, you could be approved a maximum $10,000


  • Applicants are found eligible only if they are US citizens or permanent residents

Customer’s experience

The application status is usually known after several minutes, and that’s what customers find as the main “pro” of Cash USA. No unneeded anticipation and the funds are wired to the bank account in the following 24 hours. Moreover, the money is available immediately.

The website is helpful and clear in its mission to offer the clients low-interest rates. The customers gave Cash USA 4.7 out of 5, considering many factors, like transparency, honesty, speed, and site safeness.

#5. Personal Loans: Best For Unsecured Personal Loans


Understanding why a lender offers clients with bad credit loans is a vital question. You must accept that lenders profit from the interest rate, and since many online lending platforms emerged in the last two years, it’s not a surprise why the rates are more than affordable for clients. In order to attract more people, platforms lower the interest rates.


Because of the perfectly executed website, Personal Loans have earned astonishing ratings and enjoyed great status among clients because of the perfectly executed website. The loan approval is equally fast, as you need time to fill the application. Personal Loans are another hit on the market that will give you faith in credit score improvement. You can choose between four types of loans: peer-to-peer loan, installment loan, personal loan, and signature loan.

General requirements for application

  • You must be over 18 years old
  • Provide the number of active bank account
  • Your monthly income should exceed $2,000
  • Give your SSN to prove you are a legitimate person

Terms and conditions

The platform unties your hands, giving you the opportunity to spend your money however you want. Of course, the best strategy is to spend the loan money on a real need instead of wasting it on shopping and something unnecessary that will push you into a debt spiral.

Personal Loans do not include additional fees. The interest rates have a floating character; they vary from 5.99%-35.99%. Based on your qualifications, the amount you might be approved of is between $500-$35,000. The pay-off time is 72 months maximum.

You will meet further terms and conditions after choosing the most appropriate agreement sent as a raw version from the lender. If these conditions suit you, you could sign the contract, and the funds will quickly be transferred into your account. If you desire to improve your credit score, you should know that Personal Loans make a hard credit pull.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Personal Loans


  • Personal Loans is a broad network, offering a vast of lenders
  • You can apply for a loan of up to $35 000
  • The platform includes rates favorable for clients
  • The application and the page are free and easy to navigate


  • If you prolong the repay, you will pay more than you borrowed

Customer’s experience

Providing amazing customer service, smoothly navigated interface, affordable rates, and fast money transfers, the brand has earned an excellent rating of 4.6 out of 5. The polite and straightforward customer care representatives are another plus for customers with bad credit histories, who have been stigmatized almost all of their life.

The positive attitude and experience are present in all of the reviews linked to Personal Loans. People appreciate how Personal Loans give them excellent solutions, wrapped in good APR.

Users trust this lending platform more than the banks that won’t find you eligible or may come with lesser options than the online websites. The terms are optimal and predetermined, the contracts are clear, and lenders are trustworthy and honest, and don’t let their greed for money financially collapse the clients.

Types of Personal Loans

By definition, secured loan includes collateral that is usually backed with a material guarantee. Examples of secured loans are mortgages, where a house is used as collateral, and car loans, student loans, secured with your vehicle.

Some credit unions, banks, and online lenders offer secured personal loans, where you can borrow against your savings, car, or other assets. Since these loans are less risky than unsecured loans, the rates are being more affordable and lower.

Most personal loans carry a fixed rate, meaning as long as the loan is active, installments and interest rates can’t change; they stay the same. If you are a person of habit who wants to have an equal payment each month, then the fixed-rate loan will suit you right. Having a fixed rate makes it easier to plan and come up with a solid strategy because you can predict and manage your monthly payments.

The interest rates of variable-rate loans are tied with a benchmark rate made up by banks. Depending on the fluctuation of the benchmark rate, the interest rate and your monthly payments can vary, rising and falling.

The advantage of variable-rate loans is that they have lower APR than fixed-rate loans. They have a limit cap that controls how much the rate can change from time to time. If you wish to apply for a short repayment term, then the variable-rate loan is just the right for you. If the payment period is shorter, it means you won’t long to see much varying rates.

This type of personal loan merges multiple debts into one new loan. The purpose of debt consolidation is to create optimal conditions where the customer will be able to pay back the debt or save on interest from existing debts. Consolidating eases the clients who have entered a debt spiral by allowing them to have a single monthly payment instead of multiple.

Although many online lending platforms allow customers with bad or poor credit to be found eligible for a loan, there are still many people that can’t be approved. So, this loan is tailored especially for borrowers with no credit histories who can’t qualify as eligible on their own. The co-signer is some kind of a guarantee for the lender, promising that if the borrower fails to pay the debt, he will.

You can choose a co-signer from a family member, your partner, or someone who won’t feel pressure and can indeed pay off if something goes wrong. Adding a co-signer with a solid credit score and history can improve your chances of qualifying and maybe the reason for a lower interest rate or many favorable loan conditions.

This type of personal loan is more similar to a credit card than to a personal loan. Instead of getting a lump cash sum, you get authorization of a credit line from which you can borrow depending on your daily needs. You will pay interest calculated on the amount you have borrowed.

A personal line of credit is an excellent backup when you need to borrow for ongoing needs rather than a one-time expense.

A payday loan is an unsecured loan, but it is repaid on the borrower’s next payday instead of paying in installments over some time. The loan amounts for payday loans are smaller, typically no more than a hundred dollars.

But you should be careful since payday loans are short-term, involve high interest, and are pretty risky. That means interest rates can arise unexpectedly, leaving the APRs with triple digits.

You can take a short-term cash loan with your credit card. You can cash the money from a bank or directly from the ATM. It may sound like a convenient way, but it is much more expensive than other loans. Interest rates are higher; cash advance fees are involved, which sometimes can be just a few dollars, but sometimes can exceed up to 5% from the borrowed amount.

The pawnshop loan is a type of secure loan. You can borrow against an asset, typically an electronic device such as a mobile phone or jewelry, which you leave with the pawnshop. If you fail to repay the loan, the pawnshop will keep your asset and sell it.

Rates for pawn shop loans are one of the highest, running to over 200% annual percentage rate apr. But they’re lower than payday loan rates, and you avoid damaging your credit or being pursued by debt collectors if you don’t repay the loan; you just lose your property.

Factors to Consider Before Taking a Personal Loans For Bad Credit

  • Maintain a good credit history

Although many lending platforms will promise to accept all applicants, this is not true. Lenders evaluate the risks of finding eligible persons with pretty bad credit records, typically lower than 550 FICO. They don’t feel confident enough knowing you may fail to pay off the debt, so they might recommend finding a co-signer that will guarantee about you.

A lower credit score may lead to applicant rejection or higher interest rates. What you can do to improve your credit score is simple: pay your debt installments on time.

  • Compare the interest rates

Comparing interest rates can only help you find the best solution for your loan-the lowest interest rate. But make sure that in order to keep a lower rate, the lender does not include paying the rest as some kind of additional payment like an upfront paid origination fee or a penalty.

Borrowing a loan is not a simple procedure, when lenders are concerned. To balance the risk of an unsecured personal loan, the lender may include numerous costs on the side, such as prepayment fee, processing fee, or late payment fee.

Before applying for a personal loan, consider the additional fees that the lender might include to take a precise estimate of the expenditure. This way, you can secure a better loan offer and calculate the correct amount the loan will cost you.

Lists always helped people to prioritize and make solid decisions. So, make a list where you will write down all your preferences and needs, and see which one is the most urgent spending your loan on. Don’t stray away from your priorities. You can only make it worse for your debt situation.

The most common purposes on why people need a personal loan are: buying or repairing a vehicle, financing a wedding, paying medical bills, planning a vacation, moving from one property or another, or repaying a previous debt or loan. Depending on the needs listed, you can plan what amount to borrow. And if you find your expenses unpredictable, consider taking a flexi loan.

  • Evaluate your ability to repay

What’s most important is to be prepared about repaying the borrowed amount. That’s why you need a good and supported organizational plan of the finances you will be approved for. You can evaluate your ability to pay back using Personal Loan Calculator and other methods to plan your loan repayment accordingly.

  • Avoid falling for scammy offers

Always choose a renowned and reputable website and check customer satisfaction and reviews. Be careful not to fall for a company that promises not logically low rates or gimmicky schemes. If a company is genuine and transparent, it won’t promise false 100% application approval since that’s not possible.

Some providers bury costs and change them in the paperwork. Beware of loans that have non-stable conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions On Personal Loans For Bad Credit

Q1. What is the most commonly related fee with personal loans?

The most common fee associated with personal loans is the origination fee. This is a fee tailored to cover the lender’s expenses during the loan processing and funding. They typically move between 1% to 8% and are charged upfront. For example, if you take a personal loan of $3000, with an origination fee of 1%, you will end up paying $30.

Why are origination fees so important? Because there are lenders that won’t include an origination fee right away, but any way will calculate and indirectly include it inside the interest rate.

Q2. How much should I borrow?

Before proceeding with the loan, first, ask yourself what your needs are. Each lender sets the borrowing limits, and the amount of the maximum and min credit depends on your creditworthiness.

Financial and loan advisors recommend taking loans for something that is truly necessary. Still, if you consider the option because you want to plan an extravagant vacation, you might need to consider it twice. For instance, you should open a high-interest rate account.

However, if you need the loan to consolidate the debt or to cover unexpected expenses, a personal loan might ve just the right thing for you. Limit the amount you will borrow according to your needs. If you decide to borrow more than you need, it will. There are unique calculators to see how much money you should borrow, or you could simply do the calculation automatically- adding all your debts or anticipated expenses.

Q3. How long will it take to get the money?

Depending on the time estimated by the platform, but the amount as well, there may be a waiting period before you receive funds. Some loans process within 48 hours, but others may take a bit longer. Take these periods into account when deciding which loan product to apply for.

Q4. What do I need to take out a loan?

Make sure you know what documentation you need. Typically, you should provide your social security number and primary income, and employment information to apply for a loan.

Once the application is processed, the brand will determine if additional information is required. Each lender will ask for personal verification, such as proof of your identity, SSN, provide income data, and specify the loan’s purpose.

Q5. How do I know what my current credit score is?

Your credit score is a significant factor in determining whether the lender will approve your loan since credit indicates the ability to repay the debt. Different credits use different scoring models, typically ranging between 300-800.

The higher the number, the more creditworthy you appear. If you have a chance, check your credit score and status before applying. You can get a free copy of your credit report once every 12 months. Find any inaccuracies in the report to ensure your actual creditworthiness image.

Q6. What is the interest rate on loan?

Depending on multiple factors, among which are the amount you aim to borrow and your credit score, the interest rate can be volatile and varying. The interest rate is, in fact, the expense for the lender, who risks borrowing money.

The interest rate is bundled along with other loan payments, such as origination fees or possible penalties. Don’t forget to ensure how the interest rate affects the cost of borrowing the loan before signing the contract.

Q7. How does the loan repayment work?

The repayment plan is usually done on a monthly level and impacts your day-to-day finances. You must provide a repayment plan directly proportional to your needs and repayment abilities. However, the monthly payment depends on the loan amount, interest rate, and term of the loan. Suppose you manage to pay the interest rate on time. This way, you will improve your credit score, which will lead to making yourself more eligible for future loan applications.

Keep in mind to ask your lender if there are penalties for early payoff. Those are additional costs if you want to pay your loan early. Since many lenders make a profit from the interest rate, some will find prepayment a loss.

Q8. What is the term of the loan?

It’s essential to consider the loan term and whether it works for you or not. If you are okay with paying a larger monthly payment, you may choose a shorter timeline. On the contrary, applying for a loan with a longer repayment timeline usually grants a smaller, more affordable monthly payment.

Q9. Are there any fees?

You must consider every aspect of the loan. Some lenders include origination fees inside the personal loan, which are a percentage of the loan amount. They might offer a lower interest rate to calculate the origination fees inside the loan.

Even banks have origination fees, but they titled them-closing costs. Make sure to ask if there are any origination fees before signing the paperwork, and that way, you can decide whether or not the loan is worth it.

Q10. Does the loan require a co-signer?

If you lack a credit score or other requirement, a lender may propose adding a cosigner if the applicant’s only reasonable way is to be approved. A co-signer is some sort of collateral for the lender, securing the loan in case you fail to repay the debt. The co-signer is held responsible for paying back if you can’t.

Conclusion: Personal Loans For Bad Credit

Last few years, the online lending market has been flooded with numerous lending platforms. We must admit that it’s not easy for beginners to find the perfect website with the most competitive rates. That’s why we write this article, to help you decide what you should evaluate in a page that works as a middleman between credit borrowers and lenders.

First, you must decide what type of personal loan to choose. We recommend choosing one of an unsecured type since you won’t end up losing what you invested as collateral if you fail to pay off the debt. Then, you must look for a reputable and renowned page with a lot of positive ratings on multiple review pages. Don’t look for reviews shown on the platform since they are biased.

Check your credit record and look for irregularities to make sure it shows your actual credit situation. Came up with a list of financial priorities and calculated the amount you want to borrow. Don’t borrow something you know you can’t repay. Modesty is the best characteristic for wise consumers.

Always ask before signing if the contract has any additional fees, which may aggravate the repaying process. When the money is transferred to your bank account, spend them wisely for the initial purpose you decided to apply for a loan. Don’t forget to pay on time to improve your credit record.

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