October 2, 2023


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Average Cost of Car Insurance in Hawaii

If you are moving to the islands or thinking of switching carriers, knowing the average cost of car insurance in Hawaii could give you a good baseline when shopping for coverage. Hawaii car insurance rates depend on whether you need full coverage or basic insurance. The state’s minimum coverage is far cheaper — average car insurance rates in Hawaii are $345 per year for minimum coverage and $1,127 per year for full coverage.

How much does car insurance cost in Hawaii?

The average cost of insurance in the U.S. is $565 per year for minimum coverage and $1,674 for full coverage. Although your actual cost of coverage may vary significantly based on personal factors, Hawaii’s rates are significantly cheaper. Hawaii drivers generally pay $1,127 annually for full coverage and $345 annually for minimum coverage.

Several factors such as location, driving history, age, the carrier you choose and coverage type could affect your premiums. However, Hawaii is unique when compared to most states because its rates do not vary much from the average due to strong anti-discriminatory laws that prevent insurance carriers from assessing drivers based on credit scores or age.

Nevertheless, saving even a small percentage on your annual car insurance premiums can free up other parts of your budget. You may be able to control some of the factors that affect your rates in Hawaii, such as the car insurance provider you choose or in some part, the driving habits that could impact your driving record. You may have to work with other factors (such as location-related increases) by finding other discount opportunities to offset higher premiums.

Take an in-depth look at Bankrate’s cost of coverage findings based on the factors that affect car insurance premiums.

Hawaii car insurance rates by company

Bankrate examined the best car insurance companies in Hawaii to compare their rates. Of the top five companies, USAA offers the cheapest car insurance. However, USAA does not provide policies to everyone. Only veterans, military members and their families may qualify for USAA car insurance. But because of Hawaii’s generally low rates, each of the following companies may be worth considering for coverage as they all offer average premiums well below the national average.

Car insurance company Average annual premium for minimum coverage Average annual premium for full coverage
Allstate $510 $1,260
Geico $319 $1,081
Island $386 $1,606
State Farm $372 $1,069
USAA $283 $1,009

Hawaii car insurance rates by city

Hawaii auto insurance rates do not typically change by city or borough as much as is seen in other states. After collecting quotes for the top 20 most populated cities on the islands, Hilo on the Big Island ended up having the largest increase in car insurance rates from the average. However, the annual difference in price is relatively small.

City Average annual premium for full coverage {de3fc13d4eb210e6ea91a63b91641ad51ecf4a1f1306988bf846a537e7024eeb} difference from state average annual premium
Honolulu $1,145 2{de3fc13d4eb210e6ea91a63b91641ad51ecf4a1f1306988bf846a537e7024eeb}
Kailua $1,165 3{de3fc13d4eb210e6ea91a63b91641ad51ecf4a1f1306988bf846a537e7024eeb}
Pearl City $1,139 1{de3fc13d4eb210e6ea91a63b91641ad51ecf4a1f1306988bf846a537e7024eeb}
Hilo $1,191 6{de3fc13d4eb210e6ea91a63b91641ad51ecf4a1f1306988bf846a537e7024eeb}
Waipahu $1,146 2{de3fc13d4eb210e6ea91a63b91641ad51ecf4a1f1306988bf846a537e7024eeb}
Kaneohe $1,139 1{de3fc13d4eb210e6ea91a63b91641ad51ecf4a1f1306988bf846a537e7024eeb}
Mililani Town $1,139 1{de3fc13d4eb210e6ea91a63b91641ad51ecf4a1f1306988bf846a537e7024eeb}
Kahului $1,118 -1{de3fc13d4eb210e6ea91a63b91641ad51ecf4a1f1306988bf846a537e7024eeb}
Ewa Gentry $1,146 2{de3fc13d4eb210e6ea91a63b91641ad51ecf4a1f1306988bf846a537e7024eeb}
Wahiawa $1,139 1{de3fc13d4eb210e6ea91a63b91641ad51ecf4a1f1306988bf846a537e7024eeb}
Mililani Mauka $1,139 1{de3fc13d4eb210e6ea91a63b91641ad51ecf4a1f1306988bf846a537e7024eeb}
Kihei $1,118 -1{de3fc13d4eb210e6ea91a63b91641ad51ecf4a1f1306988bf846a537e7024eeb}
Kapolei $1,139 1{de3fc13d4eb210e6ea91a63b91641ad51ecf4a1f1306988bf846a537e7024eeb}
Waianae $1,139 1{de3fc13d4eb210e6ea91a63b91641ad51ecf4a1f1306988bf846a537e7024eeb}
Makakilo $1,139 1{de3fc13d4eb210e6ea91a63b91641ad51ecf4a1f1306988bf846a537e7024eeb}
Ewa Beach $1,146 2{de3fc13d4eb210e6ea91a63b91641ad51ecf4a1f1306988bf846a537e7024eeb}
Schofield Barracks $1,142 1{de3fc13d4eb210e6ea91a63b91641ad51ecf4a1f1306988bf846a537e7024eeb}
Wailuku $1,118 -1{de3fc13d4eb210e6ea91a63b91641ad51ecf4a1f1306988bf846a537e7024eeb}
Royal Kunia $1,146 2{de3fc13d4eb210e6ea91a63b91641ad51ecf4a1f1306988bf846a537e7024eeb}
Waimalu $1,139 1{de3fc13d4eb210e6ea91a63b91641ad51ecf4a1f1306988bf846a537e7024eeb}

Hawaii car insurance rates by age

Hawaii may be the only state in the country where car insurance rates for a young driver are nearly the same as an older driver. As mentioned, anti-discriminatory laws have pushed insurance companies to keep rates fair and equitable to all drivers, older and newer. While teen driver rates across the country are typically double or even triple that of older, more experienced drivers, Hawaii’s rates for young adults are comparatively affordable.

*16-year-old calculated on parent’s policy disclosure. Hawaii sees minimal added cost with a 16-year-old on a parent’s policy, but rates may vary from the average.

Hawaii car insurance rates by driving record

The one area you may see a large difference in Hawaii car insurance rates is when there have been negative changes on your driving record. Having a single speeding ticket or car accident in Hawaii will usually noticeably increase your annual vehicle insurance rates.

Driving incident Average annual full coverage premium in Hawaii {de3fc13d4eb210e6ea91a63b91641ad51ecf4a1f1306988bf846a537e7024eeb} increase of average annual premium
Speeding ticket $1,276 12{de3fc13d4eb210e6ea91a63b91641ad51ecf4a1f1306988bf846a537e7024eeb}
Accident $1,518 30{de3fc13d4eb210e6ea91a63b91641ad51ecf4a1f1306988bf846a537e7024eeb}
DUI $4,281 117{de3fc13d4eb210e6ea91a63b91641ad51ecf4a1f1306988bf846a537e7024eeb}

How to save on car insurance in Hawaii

Hawaii is already one of the most affordable states to find car insurance, especially for younger drivers who would typically pay extremely high rates. However, you may still be able to save further a few ways:

  • Bundle insurance: Buying car and home or renters insurance with the same carrier could reduce your premiums for all policies.
  • Multi-vehicle: You could opt to keep all vehicles and drivers in your household on the same policy for savings on all of them, as long you meet the criteria set by the provider.
  • Disappearing deductible: Choosing a carrier that reduces your deductible every year you do not have a claim could lower your out-of-pocket costs as long as you maintain a clean record.
  • Complete a driving course: Getting ticketed for a moving violation such as a speeding ticket may be one of the largest impacts to your premiums. Attending an approved traffic school or defensive driving course after a ticket could dismiss the points that would affect your insurance rates.

Frequently asked questions

How much is car insurance in Hawaii per month?

Based on Bankrate’s average annual premium findings, monthly car insurance premiums in Hawaii for minimum insurance are $28.75 and $93.92 for full coverage.

What are the best car insurance companies in Hawaii?

The best car insurance company is usually the one that offers coverage you can afford and that helps you pay for necessary vehicle-related costs such as an accident after a claim or replacement costs if your vehicle is totaled. Fortunately, there are plenty of popular, affordable providers in Hawaii. Because of this, getting quotes you are comfortable with may be less difficult.


Bankrate utilizes Quadrant Information Services to analyze 2021 rates for all ZIP codes and carriers in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Quoted rates are based on a 40-year-old male and female driver with a clean driving record, good credit and the following full coverage limits:

  • $100,000 bodily injury liability per person
  • $300,000 bodily injury liability per accident
  • $50,000 property damage liability per accident
  • $100,000 uninsured motorist bodily injury per person
  • $300,000 uninsured motorist bodily injury per accident
  • $500 collision deductible
  • $500 comprehensive deductible

To determine minimum coverage limits, Bankrate used minimum coverages that meet each state’s requirements. Our base profile drivers own a 2019 Toyota Camry, commute five days a week and drive 12,000 miles annually.

Age: Rates were calculated by evaluating our base profile with the ages 18-60 (base: 40 years) applied.

Incident: Rates were calculated by evaluating our base profile with the following incidents applied: clean record (base), at-fault accident, single speeding ticket, single DUI conviction and lapse in coverage.