June 8, 2023


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Accounting firm selected for DOD cybersecurity certification> GSA Business

A few days later Colonial pipeline attack, Elliott Davis Announced that it is preparing to open the door to Pentagon A contractor with sensitive information on the stack.

The· CyberSecurity Maturity Model Certification Body Is the organization that oversees the Department of Defense certification process for accounting firms that can protect sensitive information and recently selected a Greenville company as a candidate for an Accredited Third Party Evaluation Authority (C3PAO).

Candidate selection, according to the announcement, is an important step in helping federal contractors navigate the Pentagon’s cybersecurity certification process.

Elliott Davis’ cybersecurity manager and one of the first CMMC interim evaluators in the United States said, “The Pentagon has been certified by the Department of Defense as a request for proposal or contract request since fiscal year 2021. It’s time to get ready as we start requesting. ” Said in the release. “This is a more rigorous and complex process based on the rank of your business as a DoD contractor. Our cybersecurity team has deep expertise and assistance in advising clients who contract with DoD. We are proud to be selected as a candidate for C3PAO. Customers navigate the CMMC process. ”

CMMC includes an authentication process that measures maturity across five levels. According to the release, Elliott Davis will provide overall preparation, maturity from one level to the next, gap analysis, control selection and coordination, control implementation guidance, system security planning development, action planning and milestone development. We provide CMMC counsel and services such as.

(Graph / Provided)According to a recent report from a cybersecurity company Atlas VPN Financial services providers are the hottest targets of cyberattacks in the United States, facing about 60 million cyberattacks on May 9 alone.

That day, other companies faced about 46 million attacks, followed by the healthcare sector with 27 million attacks, the computing and IT industry with about 17 million attacks, and the education sector with about 13 million attacks. ..

The report also states that the maximum number of cyberattacks targeting the United States comes from within the United States. On May 9 alone, US cybercriminals launched 174 million attacks on US companies. Hacking from Russia occurred in a much smaller number of 10 million cases.

“Cybercriminals are becoming more and more bold,” Atlas VPN researcher and cybersecurity writer Anton Petrov said in a news release in the report. “Organizations in the United States and other countries need to step up their efforts to mitigate the risk of ever-evolving cyber threats.”

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