Fun Laptop Bags From Brenthaven

The Brenthaven Edge bag (right) is so edgy that it’s not even on Brenthaven’s Web site yet; but it will be available in a few weeks for $49.95. My kinda price. I can tell you that Blogging Molly loved it. I tried it for a day on my treacherous smooth daily commute and no one got hurt. It served as a great “table” while I sat on the subway balancing a book, a yoga mat, and a bag lunch. I’m sure myFun Laptop Bags From Brenthaven fellow passengers were totally jealous. (That’s why they were staring at me, right?)The Edge is nice and slim with just room enough for your laptop, power supply, and important papers. It’s nice and light–only 1.6 lbs–with an adjustable shoulder strap, which, like all shoulder straps digs in a bit. And, like the Shling bag that my co-worker Laarni tried out, it can cause some awkwardness if you’re well-endowed.

You can also carry it like a briefcase, but when not in use, that strap is recessed, so it’s out of the way and retains the bag’s sleek look.What would The Edge think of it?I especially liked the light blue color and the orange lining inside. Go Mets! (The bag is also available in black, in case you’re a Yankees fan. Shudder.)  And you can even use your laptop right inside the bag–great for planes, trains, and even automobiles, although the thought of that last option makes me a wee bit carsick. If you’ve got more to carry, the Metro bag (left) is light, as well, but with a lot more pockets. You can stow all your gadgets and other stuff–books, papers, your teddy bear–in addition to your notebook. The bag’s got lots of padding, which is conveniently removable. The Metro has an adjustable shoulder strap with a lot more padding than the Edge, which is great for sore shoulders. I usually prefer backpacks, like the Mobile Edge Komen Paris Computer Backpack, but the Metro is a great non-backpack option. And it sells for $69.95. Not bad!

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